Yoga Instructor

One of Chris’ earliest experiences with yoga began when his wife dragged him along to a 105° room to spend 90 minutes wishing he’d never been born. Oddly enough he kept going back to hot yoga for another three years before eventually venturing out to try different formats. While developing his personal practice over six years, he always found himself wanting more than he was getting out of most classes and began looking into teacher training to broaden his knowledge. Last March he began the 250-hour teacher training program at Tejas Yoga in the South Loop. The curriculum is heavy on anatomy, ayurvedic medicine, and of course the physical practice and teaching of asanas. While new to teaching yoga, Chris has given lectures and workshops for years to students of architecture and photography. His day job as an architectural photographer has kept him quite busy over the last twenty years. While that is very rewarding in its own right, he’s found teaching at Fit Club to be immediately as challenging as it is fun. He looks forward to seeing you there.

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