September 30, 2017

At the start of the month, our 24th month in business, I put out the call for those who either have been putting themselves last or simply struggling to make ends me to apply for a scholarship to the Club.


The past two years, we gave away a free year of training to raffle winners. By sheer luck, it happened that both winners were the sort who were absolutely committed and totally benefited from having access to something that, financially, would have been out of reach for them. So it occurred to me that this free year of training really ought to be awarded based on more than sheer luck before ours ran out and it landed in the hands of someone who might not have been able or willing to take advantage of its promise.


The promise here is that in a year with unlimited access to a trainer and a community of incredible fit friends, their lives can be transformed. Whether it is making a group exerciser of someone who had traditionally slogged through on their own in the wee hours of the morning or making an athlete of someone who had always thought of themselves as a little bit weak.


Because I know so many people in the community, I thought it best to place the decision in others' hands. A committee of volunteers at the Club comprised of some of our oldest members, one of our newest, and two former recipients, was formed and left to decide. Their first response to seeing the submissions? "Ack -- this is hard! They all deserve to win!"


But a decision had to be made and I am super proud of the one they arrived at today. Without further ado, I introduce Kate Coffey!



It figures that when I asked Kate to send me a picture she wouldn't mind having plastered all over the interwebs, I receive one with her standing proudly next to her kiddo. One of the first things to have jumped out from the application she submitted is that she is one seriously proud mama. Her two incredible teenagers are bound for greatness. The second thing? Kate is a local business owner that runs a sustainable, responsible, and fair business. It seems like I shouldn't, being the fitness professional, but I must point you toward a certain dirty little addiction she's created for me. Yep, she makes divine confections!


Being on her feet all day in the kitchen, Kate has accumulated a whole lot of strains and aches, some even requiring surgical intervention. I look forward to working with her on her strength, balance, and flexibility. Mostly, I look forward to showing her how to stay safe and mind her mechanics while working those long hours on her feet. Because truly, fitness isn't just about what it is we do in class. Being fit to live a life that is pain-free and empowered? Now that is what I'm about!


Congratulations to Kate! And thank you to all the incredible folks who applied for this scholarship. I sincerely hope you will be taking advantage of the exclusive applicant discount you have been offered. 


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