June 9, 2017

Today is Kate's birthday.


Kate is one of our longest standing members at Fit Club. In fact, she started out with us before we were even Fit Club. That's right! She was one of the brave few that traipsed through my backyard to train at the unholy 5:15a hour for months before we moved into our current location.


As she left the Club this morning (yes, she came in on her birthday!), she told me about how much mulch she'd moved in the garden last weekend and how much her 45lb kiddo had leapt and crawled all over her at Berwyn Cruise Nights (btw, you ought to visit the next one on June 20th). We got to talking about life pre-Fit Club. Aches. Self doubt when it came to how much rough and tumble play one could accommodate before injury. These are but distant memories.


A lot of our students come to us seeking for some aesthetic change, but the ones who have stuck around the longest are the ones who see their commitment to fitness as something that enhances all aspects of their life. Becoming an active participant in life is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


I am so proud of how strong Kate is. Not how strong she has become. I knew she was a tough cookie from go. It just took stepping out of her comfort zone to find that strength.


Not sure you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Give it a shot for free. You can try our small group training risk-free and see what a difference purposeful movement and strength training can make for you. You're worth it.


And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Wonder Woman, Kate! We are all so inspired by you every day! xo




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