May 6, 2017


Today, I am giving a little love to one of our coaches. Meet Lou. Lou first started coming into our Club two years ago. After a year off 3, 4, sometimes even 5 workouts a week, she let me in on a little known secret. She used to be a group fitness instructor. After a little persuading, I got Lou to join us as one of our coaches and take on one of her own classes. 


Lou is a tremendous coach. One of the things I love most is that she practices was she teaches. Anything that makes its way into her workout plan is something she has been working on herself. She can speak from a place of authority about how the exercise will feel, what challenges it may present, and how it can be modified.

She isn't one of those coaches that comes in with crazy ideas fed on Instagram or Snapchat. Nine times out of ten, those exercises aren't appropriate for the bodies in the room, either because they aren't applicable or they are beyond the bound of possibility. And I never want anyone to leave the Club feeling they couldn't do something or weren't ready for that class.

Lou is an expert as scanning the room. She can easily pick out the bodies in the room that may need a little modification to keep moving safely and effectively through the workout. Similarly, she can spot those that could do with a little more. One simple cue or progression and that person goes from just chugging along to firing on all cylinders. And that is the difference between an alright class and one where you leave feeling like you got exactly what you need.


I invite you to check out Lou's class for yourself. She teaches every Sunday morning from 8 to 8:30am. The class, COREfit, is the perfect functional core workout that targets the muscles in the abdomen, back, and hips, while giving a little cardio kicker.


As with all our classes, your first visit is absolutely free, so there is no risk for you to give it a try. So come on out. I know you're going to love Lou as much as I do.

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