April 21, 2017

Going to leave this here for any that may feel stuck in a rut or defeated.


There is a viral clip of Mel's making the rounds and it talks about how motivation is bullshit. She explains in it, and her TED talks, that motivation simply doesn't come to us and, in fact, goes against our nature as humans. We are hard wired to reject or avoid changes that make us feel uncomfortable. And change is indeed uncomfortable.


The advice she offers here is great, but I would make just a little tweak. Mostly to semantics. Weight loss diets are also bullshit. So before you even watch this, please do yourself a favour and remove the idea that there is a diet you need to follow or that there is some magnificent revelation that will come when you reach that "goal weight" if you could just "stick to your diet." These words here? They are as bullshit as motivation.


Rather that see the triggers she describes as "cheating," try recognizing them for what they truly are -- choices. You are either making a choice that is in alignment with your identity as someone who makes healthy choices and favours healthy foods, or you're not. And sometimes, you won't. Life happens. We go to birthday parties where there are cakes that are loaded with lardy frosting and cups full of refined sugar. Don't be an asshole and refuse it or lecture others on the toxicity of their sugary confection. Eat the damn piece of cake and acknowledge that as a choice you have made. Or don't. But make your choice and then move on.


We are a sum of our choices. If those choices are poor ones, then the advice of the If/Then Plan is going to serve you very well. 


Check it out. Then let me know what you think. Does this make sense or have you found another approach that worked for you?



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