February 27, 2017

Do you consider yourself a cardio junkie? Need a good sweat to feel like you've succeeded at your workout? Have we got the class for you!


Introducing STRONG by Zumba™


Offered exclusively at Fit Club, this 50-minute class is geared towards intermediate to advanced individuals looking for a fun way to mix up their cardio workouts. STRONG by Zumba™ is high intensity tempo training (HITT) choreographed to a variety of upbeat, fast-paced music that is sure to keep you moving.  New choreography and music comes out every month ensuring that you won’t be bored and will keep coming back for more. a Zumba dance class?


Nope! This is not a dance cardio class! STRONG by Zumba™ is totally different from a traditional choreographed class, though it is brought to you by the creators of Zumba.


Then what can you expect?


STRONG by Zumba incorporates easy to follow strength and plyometric moves (i.e., high knees, lunges, power squats, planks, push-ups) choreographed to music.


Each class is divided into four sections which progressively get more challenging...and fun! The first three sections are focused on total-body movements. The fourth is centered around the floor to work on core, glutes and upper body (crunches, planks, side planks, leg lifts).


If this sounds exhausting, don’t worry, each section provides plenty of breaks where students can recover, catch their breath, modify movements or replenish energy levels to up their intensity.


Who is going to love this class?


  • Music lovers: if you love the rush that comes with a perfectly timed drop in the bass as the squats go low, you're going to love the way the DJs sync their beats to the moves.

  • Workout buddies: the only person who knows what's next is the teacher (and maybe that participant with a lifetime of dance experience that memorizes the class after one run through), so having a friend to giggle with when you cannot remember which way is left is the best feeling.

  • Cardio junkies: the high pace of movement and lack of equipment makes this a great fit for those who find wielding weights distracting or intimidating. All you need is your own body!

  • Choreography-obsessed: one of the most rewarding aspects of a traditional Zumba class is when you have that ah-ha moment, where the moves suddenly click. If you find the challenge of learning (and eventually nailing!) a choreographed sequence rewarding, we gotcha!


"I thought it was a really fun workout! Sheeba brings a wonderful intensity to the class and it's palpable. This was the most fun I've had doing cardio in a long time!"

- Erica Harris


How many calories might you burn?


A quick (and very unscientific) check-in with our students at the end of class revealed an average of 400 - 500 calories burned. Not bad for an hour's work!


Want to see the class in action?

Check out the video clip below of a STRONG by Zumba™ class in action and be sure to sign up for the next class.



Still not sure?


You can try this class absolutely risk-free. There is no purchase or membership contract required. Simply reserve your spot online and you get in ABSOLUTELY FREE!



Disclaimer: Fit Club is not a medical doctor and the information contained herein should not be taken as medical advice. These are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health problem. Recommendations by Fit Club are not intended to replace the advice of a physician or health professional. Please consult your physician or a health professional before beginning any diet or exercise program.

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