January 19, 2017


A friend sent me a link to an article she'd stumbled upon, asking whether it was true that mixing things up too much will hinder results. Not too surprising to me, she was asking because she was mixing things up and not seeing any results. Damn those pesky plateaus!


This last weekend, I attended this super rad workshop over at Onnit HQ in Austin, TX. Having already far exceeded the number of CEUs required for my certifications, this was not just a box ticking exercise. I legit love exercise and want to know everything I can to inspire others to love it, too. Last weekend, that meant getting comfortable with some really uncomfortable unconventional training tools. Steel maces, steel clubs, sandbags? Yaaaaasssssss!


At one point, the trainer leading the workshop remarked on an unfortunate trend occurring in the fitness world....


Did you know some instructors will mimic workouts based on what they saw on YouTube or Instagram? 


Now, let's be clear. There are AMAZING resources out there for learning more about flows, form, modifications, and more. But there are a lot of folks displaying their incredible feats of strength for all the interwebs to inspire the super fit to try it out at home. Read: the SUPER fit. Many of these challenges are not intended for general populations of fitness class goers.


What's more? There is a pretty important qualifier that is omitted in the process of such a download. Why? Why is this fitness bad ass performing this exercise? What are they training for? What is their goal? If I don't know the why, I am going to be hard pressed to find an excuse to unleash it on others.


The unconventional training tools I mentioned above -- maces, clubs, bags -- are helpful in keeping things interesting. In our small group training program, you may find that one month we are working on a bent row with a barbell. The next month? We may be working the same movement with kettlebells. The altered grip, the unilateral nature of single kettlebell? This changes things up without totally having to reinvent the wheel.


Looking to torch fat and get lean? You're going to want to build more muscle. Yes, you will need to GAIN muscle. To gain muscle, though, you are going to need to progressively overload your existing muscle fibers. That is just how the body works.


So, if you have been bouncing around classes moving for the sake of moving and not seeing the physiological results you are after, it may be time to commit to a progressive training program. Sure, you can pepper your workout schedule with yoga one week, boxing another week, a spin class here or there. But keep the main thing the main thing and if the main thing is fat loss, start working on getting stronger.



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